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Georgia body shapewear May Jagger on experimental make-up and borrowing her Mums clothes

With a model for a mother and a rock star for a father, it would be fair to assume Georgia May Jagger has learnt a thing or two about fashion and beauty in her 24 years. I dont really get styling tips from my parents but I have borrowed clothes from my mum, so I think in that way Ive put some of her clothes into my wardrobe but I think for me its an individual thing. Fresh off a flight from Los Angeles to her native London, Vogue phoned the English beauty to talk fragrance (she is the face of Mugler scent, Angel Muse), dry cheeks, and her interiors obsession.

“Its kind of funny, Im not actually making this up but the Angel fragrance is really nostalgic for me because my mum used it when I was younger, and I used to remember being obsessed with the shape of the bottle.”

“I love experimental makeup because I think it gets so boring when its always the same and its really fun to learn how to do different things came to the realisation a couple of years ago that I was going to try to use different makeup for different things on my face because thats something that most makeup artists do so Im always using a lipstick as my eye shadow or something like that. I didnt know very much about how to apply makeup before I started working as a model. I think its more about how you apply your foundation, building things up slowly rather than caking the product and trying to put on as much as possible.