This is what clothing for disabled people could be like if more designers were inclusive

Finding clothing womens sweat suits that can simply be put on isn’t always easy, making this line even more vital. The collection is a follow-up to the Spring 2016 children’s line which also featured adaptable items, according to Bloomberg. Now the brand is taking the kid’s line and expanding it to men and women! Think shirts with magnetic buttons, one-handed zippers, and hems that easily open

Think red, white, and blue staple pieces that are both stylish and functional. It’s important for shoppers of all walks of life to be able to express their personal style! Especially with the ’90s having a resurgence, it’s great that everyone can stay up to trend without sacrificing functionality.

The collection starts at $29.50 for a T-shirt and goes up to $129.50 for a coat. Although, since Tommy Hilfiger is known for high-quality items, it might be worth it to consider these investment pieces. Hopefully in the future there’s a way to combine both functionality and affordability!