13 things women’s clothes need more of

It’s no secret that the female fashion industry can be kind of problematic. Y’know, what with the constant perpetuating of body image issues, never-ending lack of inclusivity and various other damaging aspects that need to be addressed asap.

But on a smaller scale, there’s also a whole lot of little, everyday problems within women’s clothing that are just frickin’ infuriating af.

For example, where the pockets at?

We’re about to get ranty up in here, because there’s SO many things that the high street gets very, very wrong when it comes to women’s clothing. Boobs are mistreated, periods are ignored, and slogan choices are often so bad that it leaves you wondering how to unsee a t-shirt.

Hold on tight, because it’s time to go IN on 13 super annoying, oh so real things that women’s clothing really needs more of, please. And make it snappy.

The majority of female human beings need to keep a tampon on them, so why have clothing companies not figured out that somewhere to stash ‘em would be helpful?

Keeping them in your bag is all very well and good, but what happens if you feel THE FEELING when you left your bag somewhere else?

Petition for all dresses, jeans and jackets to have one tiny, handy tampon-sized pocket popped into the lining to help save our light coloured undies from disaster.

What is it with men getting all of the effing pockets in the fashion industry? They get them in their jeans (front and back both useable), their t-shirts, their jackets…

Meanwhile, girls are left emotionally betrayed and confused by either tiny, shallow pockets that fit NOTHING inside, the travesty that is fake pockets, or zero pocket action altogether.

It’s a pocket patriarchy. We could probably write a pretty good heartfelt ballad entitled ‘The Pockets I Never Had.’

There’s a big night out on the cards and you’ve found the perfect dress. Hallelujah.

But wait a dang minute… There’s some kind of criss cross, loop de loop, plunging crochet macrame origami action going on back there, that leaves you with no choice but to go bra-less. WHYYY.

A venn diagram showing dresses you like, and dresses that can be worn with a bra would probably show ZERO overlap.